HYPERVSN is so much more than a piece of extraordinary hardware, it’s a fully integrated system of control, support & 3D creation, producing an unparalleled digital excellence.

HYPERVSN is all about experience. People are mesmerised by what they see, users will recall and remember their interaction with HYPERVSN for a long time afterwards. When users encounter HYPERVSN, they are amazed and generally stopped in their tracks.

Technology that transcends time, place and space. The HYPERVSN technology is fully scalable from one units to many units, that make up the breathtaking Hyper-wall. The new HYPERVSN holographic Human takes HYPERVSN to a different level, allowing you to connect with your audience on a more personal level, increasing the impact of your marketing message. Other solutions such as interactivity, Portable holographic unit, CMS and many more accessories complete the HYPERVSN eco-system to give you the complete visual marketing solution.

HYPERVSN is perfect for many industry verticals, Retail, Event, Exhibition, Hospitality, transport, Education and healthcare to list just a few.

For more information about the HYPERVSN  system please email info@53-degrees.co.uk