A combination of modular design and creative thinking.

Lumi Blox, offers you a seamless integration of  two modular systems, allowing you to build scalable installations quickly and at an affordable price.

Combine digital LED illumination, modular aluminium frame technology and a bit of flare and you have all the elements you need to make your perfect display or cladding system.

This Is The Next Level In Creative LED!

Sustainability and reusability is at the heart of the Lumi Blox modular system concept. The system has been developed with meticulous engineering to ensure the best quality results time and time again.

The aluminium frames are lightweight, slim and easy to install in to your designs, (in fact the system features a tool-less locking system). The system retains the easy access approach for the removal of all elements for all the necessary maintenance. LEDs are environmentally friendly and with a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours, this offers longevity and value in to the system.

Structures are strong enough to be free standing, if needed they can be combined to other structural elements for fixed installations or to trussing systems for temporary installs.

Pixel Blox Brochure

Lumi Blox IP

Hexagonal honeycomb shape design in a metal housing, highlighting the 3-dimensional hierarchy. All parameters can be customised, such as housing colour, LED colour, white light color temperature etc.

54 RGBW SMD LEDs configured in to 9 addressable pixels per fixture. IP67, anti-UV, V0 Flame retardant housing ensures the system can used as a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor lighting façade projects.