Project Description

53 Degrees recently completed the design, supply and commissioning of the of a 1,200 RGB LED pixel ceiling at the Indi Club at Hanley in Stoke –on –Trent.

Each of the 1,200, 30mm RGB LED pixels which are individually addressable provide the Club with a 180 degrees light show wrapping around the main bar in a U-shaped formation. Motion graphics, video and sound activated content can be delivered to the pixel ceiling providing a unique experience for visitors to the venue.

The ceiling measures approximately 96 square meters and the pixels have been installed at 250mm pixel pitch. Pre-scheduled Cues have been programmed into the system to offer differing atmospheres, subject to the time of day, a DJ override system allows for a more impactful lighting scheme that is linked to the music system. This is when the system comes to life; the multi-layered effects can pulse to the beat of the music.

The new lighting scheme forms part of a wider refurbishment programme that was recently completed at this popular city centre location. 53 Degrees Northern Limited was responsible for the full system design, supply of all the hardware, testing and commissioning of the system. The results provide a massive impact to this space, the client is extremely satisfied with the finished system and as the system has been well received by the visiting customers.