Project Description

Selfridges swings into an new decade with RGKit.

53 Degrees Northern Limited used the RGKIT system to create two amazing interactive windows for the high street retailer at their flagship London store on Oxford Street

Both windows allow the public to interact with the window displays from outside the store. Each window has a touch call to action graphic and when someone touches the window and action is triggered in the window, In one window a large inflatable ball starts to bounce up and down above the heads of the inflatable stickmen and in the other a bejewled thumbs up starts to swing side to side on a 2.5m high swing.

The purpose of both windows is to create a message of fun at the start of the new decade. The retailer wanted to reach out to the public as they pass by the windows to create unique user experience that can not be replicated by just shopping online. This fun and none pressurised approach, allows users to share their shopping experience on social media and get the Selfridges brand trending online.

RGKit is the new amazing go to design tool for creating interactive displays. For more information visit