Project Description

53 Degrees Northern Limited play a small part helping deliver a world of wonder at the world’s best department store, Selfridges of London use our interactive lighting technology to light every window display.

The initial installation was in 2015 for the “Journey to the Stars” themed Christmas windows at the flagship Oxford Street store. Since the initial installation we have now revisited the store and refreshed and reprogrammed the windows a further 3 to 4 times a year. This ongoing project has lead to a long standing relationship with the client that just keeps growing.

The ability to colour tune the light fixtures within the windows via the browser based app and without the need for any difficult programming has really transformed the way the Selfrides design team look at lighting their windows. They now use light as part of the designs, ensuring the lighting scheme palette is used to enhance the window displays.

The system allows us to bring every window to life with specific lighting settings, whether it be cooler or warmer light, RGB colours can be selected if needed. Some of the windows make use of dynamic lighting scenes to further boost the visual experience of these dazzling windows.

We are incredibly proud of the fact that over the years millions of shoppers will look at the displays that we have helped bring to life.