Project Description

The Timberland endless forest application now showing across two of the companies retails stores. The first install was installed at the companies newly refurbished Maastricht store in the Netherland and the second installation at the new Paris retail store. Both installations were completed to a tight deadline, on time and within budget by the 53 Degrees team.

The system provides a moving parallax image of a forest landscape that is projected mapped on to the sidewalls of the store above the apparel and shoe displays. The pixel mapping was designed  to fit around store branding and fixtures, the images are front projected and edge blended using ceiling mounted projectors  with ultra short throw lens so minimise shadowing.

While customers are browsing the stock they will see an Oak representation of the Timberland logo attached to the wall above the product displays, the brief was then to project the digital images in to the spaces between the oak logo. The images needed to be warped and masked to fit exactly in between the blank spaces on the wall, this was done using the latest pixel mapping technics. The image then scrolls across the walls and can either be controlled by the shoppers in store via an interactive camera system or can be set to play on a pre-determined loop that provide automatic system control.

The project was quite a challenge given the brief from the client. They wanted to provide the widest possible image at the shortest possible throw distance. Given that one of the projected image areas was almost 5.5m wide and we needed to achieve this with only one projector at a throw distance of only about 3m. The gauntlet was set and our design team went to work, we only had 3 weeks to pull this project together and have the first store up and running.

Working late into the night the day before the stores official opening the work was complete and the client was delighted with the result. A walk in the woods some might say!
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