Laser projectors is transforming the world of projection!

Projection has always provided a lot of ‘bag for your buck’. However, one drawback has always been the cost of maintenance, due to short lamp life expectancy!

This is no longer true with the introduction in 2017 of perhaps the first “affordable laser projector”, with strong entries from many players a new lease of life is spreading across the industry.

Projectors with 20 to 30 thousand hours life expectancy, 5 year maintenance free warranty now is the time to consider projector for your next project.

Over the past two years, Epson has definitely been one of the leaders in laser projectors. Epson is the number 1 selling projector manufacturer worldwide. They are serious players with around 30 laser projectors listed on their website and with the introduction of the hybrid 2000 lumen LightScene projector the industry is looking towards a new generation of users.

We love this product, the projector has the appearance of a compact light fixture so it blends in with retail and hospitality environments perfectly. It mounts with a 360-degree swivel and can be used to project  on to a lot of different materials and surfaces. LightScene projectors find uses in digital signage and projection mapping displays, where they can illuminate and add digital graphic content on to objects, walls floors or ceilings. The laser technology  makes the image very bright and detailed all from a very small form factor.  All very, very, cool stuff you’ll see more of, transforming regular spaces into immersive experiences for hotels, casinos, retail displays, trade show demonstrations and more.

As you might expect 53 Degrees Northern Limited has taken this new technology onboard, added our own twist and is very excited to explore the possible applications for LightScene.

LightScene accent laser projectors are now shipping, in a new niche in experiential projection technology where digital signage, accent lighting and art intersect.

With a small form factor, discrete design, and laser-sharp image quality, LightScene projectors can create new opportunities that captivate audiences and tell stories in ways never before possible.

Barely larger than a spotlight, multiple LightScene projectors can be programmed to function in tandem and projected on nearly any surface to create immersive scenes in retail, museum, hospitality, entertainment, or corporate environments.

Mirror Head Projection System

Take Your Projection To The Next Level

The Mirror Head is an add-on for your projector. It is a high-tech digitally operated mirror that you mount to your projector to project content onto any surfaces (e.g. objects, walls, floors, ceilings). It is also important to note that the Mirror Head is extendable to almost any projector from 3K up to 40k brightness.