Purgo Kiosk

Innovative solutions to promote positive health and safety!

53 Degree Northern Limited develop digital solutions for technically demanding application. Standing in the face of the current Coronavirus pandemic, 53 Degrees has tackled the virus head on with the launch of our new range of specially designed products designed to push back the spread of Covid-19.

Our Purgo digital signage hand sanitiser kiosk is part of that fight- back. The unit automatically dispenses hand sanitiser gel to kill 99.99% off all germs including Covid-19.

Under guidelines from the World Health Organisation it is recommended to wash your hands for 20 seconds frequently throughout the course of the day, especially when in public. Sometimes this can prove difficult and hand sanitisers can help prevent the spread of infection by killing the virus immediately.

This concept led to the launch of our innovative Purgo signage based LCD display with integrated automatic hand sanitiser dispenser. Allowing you to promote the latest guidelines alongside your company policies whilst offering the opportunity for all staff and visitors to sanitise their hands and minimise the spread of infection.


It provides a smart visual reminder of the
current hand sanitiser level and when it needs to be re-filled

The unit instantly lights up green during the dispensing
process to provide users a visual que to remove their hands.


The Purgo dispenser Kiosk is a thoughtfully engineered hand sanitising station with a built-in 21.5” Android display. Designed to empower your communications, prevent contamination and promote good hygiene in every workplace.


You can quickly and easily setup your Purgo station. With options available for wall mounted or freestanding installation. The unit can also be purchased with an optional battery to turn this Innovative hand sanitizer system into a fully mobile solution, where a temporary kiosk needs to be deployed.

  • For hotels, malls, retailers, offices, factories, and healthcare establishments
  • Dual-purpose design for wall-mounting or freestanding installation
  • Promote good hygiene throughout your workplace
  • Bold and eye-catching Digital Signage Display
  • To Keep staff informed
  • Protect visitors and customers
  • Place in key locations to provide daily reminders.
  • Android Kiosk with support for thousands of apps

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