How do you safely reopen under the ‘new normal’?

Businesses looking to re-open after lockdown must keep track of the number of people in their establishments to comply with physical distancing guidelines.

To assist your business and to help employees or visitors feel safe and secure while staying in compliance with the new guidelines we have developed a whole new concept called RealCheck

RealCheck provide solutions to your entrance and  other key location at your premises. The system offers real-time analytics, queue line management, reporting and digital communications.

Displays, software, sensors & analytics combine to gather relevant data & provide immediate insights about your premises.

If you have multiple locations, you can compare insights between locations for performance monitoring & benchmarking purposes. You can immediately update new guidelines when needed, and you can potentially monetise your screens for customers with high footfall locations, displaying branded content.

Communicate and inform to protect your staff and customers.

RealCheck products for queue management, traffic flow, customer communicates and visitor messaging for entranceways and other key locations around your premises.

RealCheck Doorway.

RealCheck Totom.

RealCheck Entrance.

Leverage our know how to address the challenges businesses face due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

53 Degrees has over 30 years of experience and has built hundreds of digital and interactive solutions for retailers, brands and agencies across Europe.

We all need to address the challenges businesses face due to COVID-19 and the ‘new normal”.

Leave it to us… We are experts in digital signage, crowd measurement and visual communication systems.

As industry leaders in integrating screens, sensors and software to create interactive and expert communications.

The team hare are ready to deployed your digital signage network.  We got this covered for you!

With a RealCheck solution at your key business entry points, you will benefit from:

  • Queue Line Management (wait times, occupancy levels)

  • Product & Service Messaging (store hours, out-of-stock items, safety)

  • Custom Branding (arrives branded to location)

  • Visitor Safe check Sensors (people counting, mask & temperature detection)

  • RSVP to Reserve (hold a space in line via email or SMS)

  • APIs & Integrations (interface with 3rd party systems)

Fits Across Every Location.

RealCheck is built using our modular Pixel Blox product and will fit perfectly in to your environment.

The system provides clear communication to promote positive health and safety for all visitors, customers or staff. It can easily and quickly be introduced into any work environment, hospitals, retail stores, coffee shops, schools, restaurants, bars, exhibition halls, event centres and many more locations.