Temperature Check Tablet

Quick & Easy Temperature Check!

Do you want club-members to be stress-free when they visit the gym?
Do you want your employees to feel safe when they enter the office?
Do you want your children to be safe in a school?
Do You want to know if your customers are safe to enter your store?

To keep your environment safe, there is a fast and easy way to check anyone’s temperature prior to them entering a room.

The new Temperature check access control system is based on an algorithm that is designed to detect body temperature within 1 second detection can be done hands free from a at a distance of 0.5 to 1 meter to increase safety and efficiency.

Three Sizes Available.

Temperature Detector with Infrared

Temperature Sensor & Access Control.

To ensure people that want to access your property are not running a high temperature, we have developed the new infrared temperature sensor/detector.

It provides both visual and audible alerts when a person is running a high temperature and therefore should not enter your premises.

The system is calibrated with an algorithm for object heat and provides fast temperature detection with high accuracy.
Tolerance at +- 0.5 degree Celsius, with a refresh rate at 64Hz.

Drivers are compatible with Linux, Windows and Android OS.


You can quickly and easily adjust the threshold of the temperature range and volume of the alert sound.


1. Provides the first layer of screening protection!

2. More hygienic the sensor is non-touch infrared technology!

3. Multiple devices can be monitored by a single user!


Heat Map that uses data visualisation algorithms to display the temperature intensity in the target area.
This helps to indicate visually the area or personnel with the highest temperature.

Fits In Everywhere


Temperature check tablets are designed to detect temperature anomalies. It’s important to understand there are many factors, including environmental and physiological that can impact a person’s surface temperature reading. Skin surface temperature vs actual core body temperature may differ. The Temperature-Check Tablets must be operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s user guide. Temperature check tablets are not intended nor designed to diagnose or detect medical conditions including, but not limited to viruses or other illnesses. The temperature check tablets should only be used to detect variations in surface temperature. In the event that an elevated skin temperature is detected, the subject should be advised to check their temperature with an approved medical thermometer and the finding confirmed. Absence of an elevated skin temperature does not preclude a fever.