The Safety Collection

Custom Modular Solutions for all working Environments!

Make your environment safe and accessible again with the the 53 Degrees Space Safety Collection.

The modular systems can be used for a wide range of applications. Room or desk dividers to create safe working environments, new modular display collections to promote visual communications that offer clear and concise messaging.

This aesthetic yet robust modular framing system is extremely quick and easy to deploy. The system can be designed to fit any space and above all, it offers a hygienic, maintenance-free solution for optimal well-being.

Essential Collections.

The Space Collection.

The Motion Collection.

The Bright Collection.

These essential modular collections offer a quick and safe solution for any business.

The Space Collection.

This offers a wide range of easy to assemble partition wall, desk or table dividers, that allow you to create easily defined spaces. The frames can be finished with micro-fabric, printed panels or clear glass depending on your specific needs. These aesthetically pleasing modular frames will integrate nicely into any type of space. Office, retail or hospitality we have a solution that will fit your needs.

The Bright Collection. 

Elevate your visual experience to boost your communications. The bright collection system offers a wide range of LED back-lit illuminated display panels that can be used for either standalone applications or combined with other panels for larger spaces.  The Bright Collection is finished with printed micro-fabric and can offer single or double sided illumination.

With the addition of the optional hand sanitiser dispenser and aluminium drip plate, that can be attached to the side or front of the panels,  you can quickly create a pop-up hand wash station that is sure to stand out. You can also add some elegance and go for a display panel with round corners. You can also fit our infrared cameras to scan body temperature or other sensors such as footfall counters.

Motion & Pixel Blox Collection

Looking for a way to get your message out fast in a clear and concise manner?

Look no further than our Motion Collection! By adding a monitor, or tablet onto your display frame you can digitise this already unique solution.  Use as a creative tool to promote brand communication, safety messages across all modular, reusable panels.

For the ultimate flexibility and impact use Pixel Blox  within the frames. Your panels or dividers will then become a seamless digital screen that can be used for video content or for our new RealCheck queue management system.

All display panel system are fully modular and are available with easy to clean black or white printable Alu-bond panels fro all non digital application.

All collections are easy to install, can be quickly deployed and re-purposed. 

Fits In Every Location.

Modular environments that provide the safety of yourself and others that can easily be introduced into any work environment, hospitals, retail stores, coffee shops, schools, restaurants, bars, exhibition halls, event centres and many more locations.